How to Fix Epson ET-2800 The Ink Pad Need Service (E-11)

The Epson ET-2800 printer will send out service messages to inform users when the ink pads are getting close to the end of their service life. Under the intended usage scenarios, almost all printer users will not receive this alert. It is affected directly by aspects including the printer model, usage habits, frequency, and printing method over time.

How reset Epson ET-2800

Why is a service alert for printer parts displayed on the Epson ET-2800?

Epson printers are made to deliver the highest potential performance and print quality. Based on usage, the Epson ET-2800 printer may eventually reach a point where it is unable to maintain sufficient print quality or where certain components have reached the end of their useful lifespans. 

What parts of the printer require repair?

This service message relates to the ink pads. The ink that is not used on printed pages is distributed, gathered, and contained by a variety of absorbent pads inside the printer. These pads catch ink when the Epson ET-2800 is first set up, throughout cleaning processes, and while printing borderless photos.

In most cases, you won't ever see this notice when using the printer normally. However, some people who use the printer often or in high volume might get the ink pad notification before the parts run out of useful life. It depends on how often and what kind of printing is done over time.

How to repair the Epson ET-2800 Service Required?

To fix this error, first think that you can do is reset the waste ink pad counter. You can resetting your Epson ET-2800 using Epson Maintenance Reset Utility. If you receive the following message:

Official Epson Maintenance Reset Utility

You can download the Maintenance Reset Utility direct from the link displayed on the message, and follow the instruction on the utility to fix the error.

But if there is no link available in the message, you can use third party utility. You can visit Epson Adjustment Resetter Program  to download the utility for free.

How to Use Free Epson ET-2800 Adjustment Program

  1. Download Maintenance and Reset Utility for Epson
  2. Install the utility to your computer
  3. Connect your printer to computer
  4. Launch the waste ink counter reset utility from your computer
  5. Select the printer that automatically detected by the program
  6. Click on "Read Waste Ink Counters" button, you will see information about current waste ink pad counter
  7. Then click Reset Waste Counter to reset your ET-2800 printer
  8. Enter key "TRIAL" for first time use then click OK
  9. The utility will reset the counter to 80% and you can continue using the printer again.
    Epson ET-2800 resetter

After resetting the counter, it is highly recommended to replace the existing ink pad with new ink pad to prevent ink overflooding.

That is about How to Fix Epson ET-2800 The Ink Pad Need Service (E-11), if you have any question you can leave in the comment form bellow.

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