Free Epson L4150 L4160 ET 2700 Adjustment Program (resetter tool)

Download the Epson L4150, L4160, and ET 2700 Resetter tool to resolve the ink pad issue, also called the Epson Adjustment Program.

About The Adjustment Program

The Epson Adjustment Program is a tool used to make the necessary adjustments after repairs or replacement of printer parts. This tool will also provide instructions for the correct order for replacement or repair of printer parts.

You can use the Epson adjustment program to make a particular adjustment to your Epson printers. In this post, you can download the resetter tool for Epson L4150, L4160, and ET 2700 for free.

Epson Adjustment Program  Function

With this software, you can adjust and maintain your Epson printer, as well as gather information about it. Basically, this is what the program is designed to do:


  • EEPROM data copy
  • Initial setting
  • Head ID input
  • Initialize PF deterioration offset
  • PF motor heat protection control
  • CR motor heat protection control
  • PF/EJ adjustment
  • PF band adjustment
  • TOF/BOF adjustment
  • First dot position adjustment
  • Head angular adjustment
  • Bi-D adjustment
  • Scanner motor heat protection control


  • Head Cleaning
  • Ink charge
  • Waste ink pad counter
  • Shipping setting


  • Final check pattern print
  • EEPROM dump
  • Printer information check
  • Paper feed test
Other Resetter tools or Adjustment Program

How to Use Epson Adjustment Program

With this program you can fix Error Waste ink pad full or your printer showing an error message "the printer's ink pad is at its service life" that almost all Epson printers will get an error message like this.

How to Reset Epson Waste Ink Pad Full

  1. Open the  Adjprog_Loader then click OK button

  2. Click Select button

  3. Click on your printer model (L4150 or L4160)

  4. On port section, select your printer USB port, then click OK
  5. Then click particular adjustment Mode

  6. To clear error waste ink pad, go to Maintenance section then choose Waste Ink Pad Counter

  7. The thick on Main pad counter then click Initialize button

  8. Then click OK button. your counter will be initialized

  9. Wait for your printer to respond the command, after led stop flashing, turn off your printer, then turn it on again.
  10. It's done, you can use your printer again

Download Epson L4150 L4160 ET-2700 Resetter tool

The Epson ET-2700 / L4150 series Service Manuals are identical, but we cannot confirm that the Epson L4150 Adjustment Program works with the Epson ET-2700. However, the Epson ET-2700 can be configured to use the Epson L4150 Adjustment Program in the following manner.

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