Download Epson L5190 Adjustment Program Fix Waste Ink Pad Error

Download Epson L5190 Resetter Program to fix the Ink pads problem this Service Tool also called as Epson Adjustment Program

About The Program

Epson Adjustment Program is a tool used to make the necessary adjustments after repairs or replacement of printer parts, this tool will also provide instructions for the correct order for replacement or repair of printer parts.

You can use the Epson adjustment program to do a particular adjustment to your Epson Printers. At this post, you can Download Epson Adjustment Program for Epson L5190 for free.

Function Epson Adjustment Program

With this program, you can do Adjustment, maintenance, and get information about your Epson printer, there is the main function of the program:


  • EEPROM data copy
  • Initial setting
  • Head ID input
  • Initialize PF deterioration offset
  • PF motor heat protection control
  • CR motor heat protection control
  • PF/EJ adjustment
  • PF band adjustment
  • TOF/BOF adjustment
  • First dot position adjustment
  • Head angular adjustment
  • Bi-D adjustment
  • Scanner motor heat protection control


  • Head Cleaning
  • Ink charge
  • Waste ink pad counter
  • Shipping setting


  • Final check pattern print
  • EEPROM dump
  • Printer information check
  • Paper feed test

How to Use Epson Adjustment Program

There are many functions of this program, for example, this program can fix Error Waste ink pad full or your printer showing the error message "the printer's ink pad is at end of it service life" that almost of the Epson printer will get an error like this.

Recommended to you :

How to Reset Epson Waste Ink Pad Full

  • Open Adjprog, the program will appear like this

    Epson L5190 Adjustment Program Download

  • Click the Particular adjustment mode button, will appear like the image below

    How to fix error Waste Ink Pad Full Epson

  • to reset the waste ink pad full counter, select Waste ink pad counter at the Maintenance menu than click OK

    Fix Epson L5190 Waste ink pad full

  • Next step, thick on the Main pad counter and also on the Platen pad counter then click Check to get information on the current counter.

    Download Epson L5190 Adjustment Program

  • To reset back the waste ink pad counter, click on the Initialize button, follow the instructions, and then click the Check button again to view the current counter after resetting procedures.
  • Do the printing test to make sure your printer is all ready to use again
  • Done
They are a lot of functions of this printer, you can try by yourself at your personal risk. 

Download Epson L5190 Adjustment Program for Free

Free Download Epson Adjustment Program from OneDrive click here

Download Generator

The browser (chrome) will show it as dangerous file, because this program will modification your printer EEPROM. Actually it's not dangerous, Antivirus not detected this as Virus or dangerous files.

You can request to download the Epson Adjustment Program from another file hosting, fill your comment. If you have any questions, please use the comment form, I will reply to your comment as soon as possible. Hopefully, this guide works to repair your Epson printer. Thanks.

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Unknown said...

How can i get the password of this file?

Admin said...

No password needed

moelyani said...

Alhamdulillah, thank you very much my printer is working again

ilham said...

the app wont open.. please help

ilham said...

the app wont open.. please help

Admin said...

Use generator first

Unknown said...

why i cant generate

Admin said...

idk, maybe you missing some steps

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terima kasih bro moho izin share or etc

Admin said...

Ok bro

Unknown said...

how to download?

Unknown said...

pls help

gGnarLy said...

Why i cant use the app. it says the current key has been locked to a different machine

Admin said...

@gGnarLy You must generate new key using generator sir

Unknown said...

please reply, my machine said; this machine registered to prinkita, can i change the registry?

Admin said...

Yes you can change that.. using generator sir..

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