Resolving Canon B200 Error: A Comprehensive Guide


One of the common issues faced by Canon printer users is the Canon B200 Error. This error can be quite disruptive, especially if you are in the middle of an important task. In this article, we will discuss what the Canon B200 Error is, what causes it, and how to fix it.

How to fix Canon B200 error

What is Canon B200 Error?

The Canon B200 Error is an error message that typically appears on Canon printers indicating that there is a problem with the printer's printhead. The printhead is the part of the printer that controls the flow of ink from the cartridges to the paper. If the printhead is damaged or not functioning properly, the printer will not be able to print correctly.

Causes of Canon B200 Error

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing the Canon B200 Error. Some common causes include:

  • The printhead is damaged or needs cleaning.
  • The ink cartridges are empty or nearly empty.
  • There is an issue with the printer driver.

How to Fix Canon B200 Error

The Canon B200 error code on a printer typically indicates an issue with the printhead. Here are some practical steps you can try to fix the B200 error on your Canon printer:

Step 1: Restart your printer

  • Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes (about 10-15 minutes) to allow any residual power to dissipate.
  • Plug the printer back in and turn it on.

Step 2: Remove the obstructions

  • Open the printer cover to access the printhead.
  • Check for any paper jams, foreign objects, or obstructions in the printhead area.
  • If you find any, carefully remove them.

Step 3: Inspect the Ink Cartridges

  • Remove the ink cartridges from the printer.
  • Check for any damaged or leaking ink cartridges. If you find any, replace them with new, genuine Canon cartridges.
  • Ensure that the cartridges are properly seated in their respective slots.

Step 4: Clean The Printhead

  • Canon printers often have a removable printhead assembly. If yours does, remove it according to your printer's user manual.
  • Gently clean the printhead using a lint-free cloth or paper towel soaked in distilled water. Be careful not to touch the nozzles or electrical contacts.
  • Allow the printhead to air dry for a few minutes before reinserting it into the printer.

Step 5: Replace The Ink Cartridges

If cleaning your printhead does not work, you may need to replace your ink cartridges. Be sure to replace your ink cartridges with genuine Canon products for best results.

Step 6: Update Your Printer Driver

If all of the above steps do not work, you may need to update your printer driver. You can do this by visiting Canon's official website and looking for the latest driver for your printer model.

Step 7: Contact Canon Support

If none of the above steps resolve the B200 error, it may indicate a more serious hardware issue with the printhead or other components. In such cases, it's best to contact Canon customer support or a certified technician for further assistance.


Remember to handle your printer and its components with care, and always refer to your printer's user manual for specific instructions, as the steps may vary depending on your Canon printer model. Additionally, using genuine Canon ink cartridges and following maintenance guidelines can help prevent errors like B200 from occurring in the first place.

The Canon B200 Error can be quite disruptive, but with a little effort, you can fix it yourself at home. By following the steps above, you should be able to get back to printing in no time.

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We hope this article has helped you understand more about the Canon B200 Error and how to fix it. Feel free to share this article with others who might also be experiencing this issue.

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