How to fix Error 5B00 on Canon Printer MG5200 Series

If your Canon printer MG5200 series show error 5B00 or 5B01 or 1700, and the power and alarm led on the printer is blinking 7 times, that means the waste ink absorber is almost full or already full.  To clear this error, You can change or replace the ink absorber and  reset the waste ink counter value to zero.

Clear error 5B00 Canon MG5200 Series

How to reset the waste ink absorber counter?

To reset the waste ink counter to 0 and clear error 5B00, the printer must be on the Service mode. you can follow the step on How to enter service mode on Canon Printer

  1. Connect the printer to computer using USB cable
  2. Entering Service Mode on printer
    • Turn off the printer
    • While pressing the stop button, press and hold the Power button (don't release the buttons)
    • When the power led is green light, while holding the Power button, release the Stop button (don't release the Power button)
    • While holding the Power button, press the stop button 5 times, and then release the power button. (Each time the Stop button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green)
    • When the power led lights in green, the machine is ready for the service mode operation (nothing displayed on the LCD)
  3. Download Canon Service Tool v.1.074
  4. Run the Service Tool
    • When you click a button in the Service Tool dialog box, that function is executed. All of the Service Tool buttons are muted and inactive while the specified function is running.
    • When the process is performed, the message "A function was finished." appears, and another function can be selected.
    • If an unsupported function is selected, the message "Error!" is shown. To exit the error, click OK in the error message dialog box.
  5. Print the EEPROM information (click EEPROM button(2)), in the EEPROM information print, look at the ink absorber counter value. if D value more thank 80, to prevent the ink leakage, you must replace the ink absorber.
    absorber counter value
  6. In the Ink Absorber Counter section, select Main from Absorber pull-down option, reset the applicable ink absorber Counter Value (to 0%) and click Set.
This guide applicable for Canon MG5210, MG5220, MG5230, MG5240, MG5250, MG5270, and MG5280

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