Canon Service Tool Error Description and Solutions

About Canon Service Tool

The Canon Service Tool is a tool for resetting Canon printers after changing parts such as the Logic Board Assembly, Ink Absorber Kit, Print Head, and so on. Because the Canon Service Tool is a portable program, it does not need to be installed on your computer. Test Print, Cleaning, Set Destination, Clear Ink Counter, Clear Ink Absorber Counter, CD-R Correction, Auto LF/EJ, Left Margin Correction, Wetting Liquid Counter, Flatbed Scanner, EEPROM information, and more features are included in the Service Tool.

An error notice will appear if an unsupported function button is clicked; click OK to dismiss the error message. There are numerous types of error messages that display while using the Service Tool, each of which has a different meaning. When running a Canon Service Tool, the following is the error alert may be occurs.

Error on Service tool
Canon Service Tool

Canon Service Tool Error Code

Error Code 005

Description : 
  • The service tool doesn't detect your printer
  • The printer is not yet ready to receive operations from the Service Tool
Solutions :
  • Unplug the printer USB connection from the computer and reattach it to a different USB port on the PC.
  • When printer enter the service mode, wait for led stop blinking before executing command from service tool

Error Code 006

Description :
  • Printer not yet in the Service Mode
  • Service tool doesn't support your printer
Solutions :
  • Turn off the printer and then repeat the step to properly enter Service Mode. If you followed the steps to enter Service Mode correctly but still get the error number 006, it indicates the Service Tool doesn't enable for the printer.
If you facing trouble while fixing your printer by your self, it strongly advised you seek assistance from local Canon Service Center or printer repair specialist. 

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What errors appear in the printer status?

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