Epson ScanSmart User Guide

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This manuals describes about how to use Epson ScanSmart aplication software. 

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Epson ScanSmart User Guide Content

  1. Scanning a Document in Epson ScanSmart
    • Saving a Scan
    • Attaching a Scan to Email
    • Sending a Scan to a Cloud Service
  2. Selecting Epson ScanSmart Settings
    • Changing the Epson Product
    • Changing the Scan Settings
    • Changing the File Name Settings
    • Changing the Save Settings
      • Save Settings
    • Customizing Action Icons
  3. Solving Epson ScanSmart Problems
    • Cannot Scan Over a Network
    • Cannot Send Scans to a Cloud Service
    • Scanning Speed is Slow
    • Solving Scanned Image Quality Problems
      • Back of original image appears in scanned image
      • Scanned characters are blurry
      • Characters are not recognized during conversion to editable text (OCR)
      • Ripple patterns appear in an image
      • Streaks appear in all scanned images
      • Scanned Image is cropped
      • Image consists of a few dots only
      • Straight lines in an image appear crooked
      • Image is distorted or blurry
      • Image is too dark
      • Scanned image colors do not match original colors
      • Resetting the Epson Scan 2 Settings
  4. Trademarks

Epson ScanSmart User Guide Download

Title : Epson ScanSmart User's Guide
File type : PDF
Language : English
Pages : 35 Pages
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