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This manuals describes about how to use Epson ScanSmart aplication software. 

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Epson ScanSmart User Guide Content

  1. Scanning a Document in Epson ScanSmart
    • Saving a Scan
    • Attaching a Scan to Email
    • Sending a Scan to a Cloud Service
  2. Selecting Epson ScanSmart Settings
    • Changing the Epson Product
    • Changing the Scan Settings
    • Changing the File Name Settings
    • Changing the Save Settings
      • Save Settings
    • Customizing Action Icons
  3. Solving Epson ScanSmart Problems
    • Cannot Scan Over a Network
    • Cannot Send Scans to a Cloud Service
    • Scanning Speed is Slow
    • Solving Scanned Image Quality Problems
      • Back of original image appears in scanned image
      • Scanned characters are blurry
      • Characters are not recognized during conversion to editable text (OCR)
      • Ripple patterns appear in an image
      • Streaks appear in all scanned images
      • Scanned Image is cropped
      • Image consists of a few dots only
      • Straight lines in an image appear crooked
      • Image is distorted or blurry
      • Image is too dark
      • Scanned image colors do not match original colors
      • Resetting the Epson Scan 2 Settings
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Scanning a Document in Epson ScanSmart

You can scan and review documents and photos in Epson ScanSmart.
Note: The images in this guide show Windows screens. Mac screens may be slightly different. Depending on your product model and software version, not all options may be available.
  1.  Load your original into the printer/scanner
  2. Open Epson ScanSmart on your computer.
  3. Select an option for the Scan Area setting, if necessary. Note: The Scan Area setting limits the scan area to a selected size starting at the placement arrow on the scanner bed. It does not scale the image to the selected size.
  4. Select a scan option. Depending on your product, one or more scan options may be available. The original is scanned. When scanning is complete
  5. You can review, edit, or reorder the scanned images as follows:
    • Select + Scan to scan more originals. 
    • Select Delete to delete selected scanned images. 
    • Select Rotate Right to rotate each scanned image. 
    • Select Crop to crop the selected image. 
    • Control-click two images, select Stitch Images, and follow the on-screen instructions to combine them into a single image. 
    • If you scanned double-sided, select On or Off as the Include back sidessetting if you want to keep or discard the back sides of scanned images.
  6. If your product supports Photo Mode, the following enhancement options may be available: 
    • Auto Color Enhancement: automatically adjusts the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your photos
    • Restore Faded Colors: restores the colors in faded photos automatically 
    • Remove Red Eye: automatically removes the red-eye effect from your photos
  7. When you finish reviewing and editing the scanned images, click Next
  8. Select an option to save, send, or print the scanned images
  9. You can save the scanned image in a variety of formats. If you select Searchable PDF as the File type setting, you can select the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) language.

Epson ScanSmart User Guide Download

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