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Epson ET-2760 user guide describes about the printer basic parts, Wi-Fi Networking setup, how to use the printer, copying, scanning, refilling ink, solving problem, adjust print quality, technical specifications. You can view or download Epson ET-2760 User Guide PDF for free.

Epson ET-2760 User Guide PDF Download

Epson ET-2760 User Guide Table of Content

  1. Printer basics
    • Using the Control Panel
      • Control Panel Buttons and Lights
      • How to entering characters on the LCD Screen
      • How to changing LCD Screen Language
    • Printer Parts Locations
      • Printer Parts - Front
      • Printer Parts - Inside
      • Printer  Parts - Back
    • Checking for software updates
    • Using power saving settings
      • How to changing the sleep timer setting from the control panel
      • How to changing the power off timer setting from the control panel
    • Epson Connect Solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, and More
      • Setting Up Epson Connect Services
      • Using Epson Email Print
      • Using the Epson iPrint Mobile App
      • Using Epson Remote Print
    • Using AirPrint
    • Using Google Cloud Print
    • Android Printing Using the Epson Print Enabler
    • Using Fire OS Printing
    • Using Windows 10 Mobile Printing
    • Using Epson Print and Scan App with Windows Tablets
  2. Wi-Fi Networking
    • Network Security Recommendations
    • Wi-Fi Infrastructure Mode Setup
      • Selecting Wireless Network Settings from the Control Panel
    • Wi-Fi Direct Mode Setup
      • Enabling Wi-Fi Direct Mode
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
      • Using WPS to Connect to a Network
    • Printing a Network Status Sheet
    • Printing a Network Connection Report
      • Network Connection Report Codes and Messages
    • Changing or Updating Network Connections
      • Accessing the Web Config Utility
      • Changing a USB Connection to a Wi-Fi Connection
      • Connecting to a New Wi-Fi Router
      • Disabling Wi-Fi Features
  3. Loading paper
    • Loading Paper in the Sheet Feeder
    • Paper Loading Capacity
    • Double-sided Printing Capacity
    • Compatible Epson Papers
    • Borderless Paper Type Compatibility
    • Paper or Media Type Settings - Printing Software
    • Selecting the Paper Settings - Control Panel
      • Paper or Media Type Settings - Control Panel
    • Selecting the Default Paper Source Settings
      • Paper Source Settings Options
  4. Placing originals on the printer
    • Placing Originals on the Scanner Glass
  5. Copying
    • Copying Documents or Photos
    • Copying Options
  6. Printing from computer
    • Printing with Windows
      • Selecting Basic Print Settings - Windows
        • Print Quality Options - Windows
        • Multi-Page Printing Options - Windows
      • Selecting Double-sided Printing Settings - Windows
        • Double-sided Printing Options - Windows
        • Print Density Adjustments - Windows
      • Selecting Additional Layout and Print Options - Windows
        • Custom Color Correction Options - Windows
        • Image Options and Additional Settings - Windows
        • Header/Footer Settings - Windows
      • Selecting a Printing Preset - Windows
      • Selecting Extended Settings - Windows
      • Printing Your Document or Photo - Windows
      • Locking Printer Settings - Windows
        • Locked Setting Options
      • Selecting Default Print Settings - Windows
        • Changing the Language of the Printer Software Screens
      • Changing Automatic Update Options
    • Printing with the Built-in Epson Driver - Windows 10 S
      • Selecting Print Settings - Windows 10 S
    • Printing on a Mac
      • Selecting Basic Print Settings - Mac
        • Print Quality Options - Mac
        • Print Options - Mac
      • Selecting Page Setup Settings - Mac
      • Selecting Print Layout Options - Mac
      • Selecting Double-sided Printing Settings - Mac
        • Double-sided Printing Options and Adjustments - Mac
      • Managing Color - Mac
        • Color Matching and Color Options - Mac
      • Selecting Printing Preferences - Mac
      • Printing Your Document or Photo - Mac
        • Checking Print Status - Mac
    • Printing From a Chromebook
    • Cancelling Printing Using a Printer Button
  7. Scanning
    • Starting a Scan
      • Starting a Scan Using the Printer Control Panel
        • Scan to Memory Card Options
        • Changing Default Scan Job Settings
        • Setting Up a WSD Port (Windows 7/Windows Vista)
      • Starting a Scan Using the Epson Scan 2 Icon
      • Starting a Scan from a Scanning Program
      • Starting a Scan from a Smart Device
    • Scanning in Epson Scan 2
      • Additional Scanning Settings - Main Settings Tab
      • Additional Scanning Settings - Advanced Settings Tab
      • Saving Scanned Documents as a Searchable PDF Using Epson Scan 2
      • Image Format Options
      • Scan Resolution Guidelines
  8. Using memory cards with the printer
    • Inserting a Memory Card
      • Memory Card Types
      • Memory Card File Specifications
      • Removing a Memory Card
    • Printing from a Memory Card
      • Viewing and Printing Photos From the LCD Screen
      • Print Setting Options - Memory Card
    • Transferring Photos on a Memory Card
      • Setting Up File Sharing for Photo Transfers from Your Computer
      • Transferring Photos from a Memory Card to Your Computer
  9. Printing personalized projects
    • Printing Personalized Note Paper
    • Printing Lined Paper, Graph Paper, and Music Sheets
    • Printing Calendar Pages
  10. Refilling ink
    • Ink Safety Precautions
    • Check Ink Levels
      • Checking Ink Levels on Your Printer
      • Checking Ink Levels - Windows
      • Checking Ink Levels - Mac
      • Disabling Special Offers with Windows
    • Purchase Epson Ink
      • Ink Bottle Part Numbers
    • Refilling the Ink Tanks
  11. Adjust print Quality
    • Print Head Maintenance
      • Print Head Nozzle Check
        • Checking the Nozzles Using the Printer Control Panel
        • Checking the Nozzles Using a Computer Utility
      • Print Head Cleaning
        • Cleaning the Print Head Using the Printer Control Panel
        • Cleaning the Print Head Using a Computer Utility
      • Power Cleaning
        • Power Cleaning Using the Printer Control Panel
        • Power Cleaning Using a Computer Utility
    • Print Head Alignment
      • Aligning the Print Head Using the Product Control Panel
    • Cleaning the Paper Guide
    • Cleaning the Print Head Path
    • Checking the Number of Sheets
      • Checking the Sheet Counter - Windows
      • Checking the Sheet Counter - Mac
  12. Cleaning and transporting your printer
    • Cleaning Your Product
    • Transporting Your Product
  13. Solving problems
    • Printer Status Messages
    • Message Appears Prompting You to Reset Ink Levels
    • Running a Product Check
    • Resetting Control Panel Defaults
    • Solving Setup Problems
      • Noise After Filling the Ink
      • Software Installation Problems
      • Control Panel Setup Problems
    • Solving Network Problems
      • Product Cannot Connect to a Wireless Router or Access Point
      • Network Software Cannot Find Product on a Network
      • Product Does Not Appear in Mac Printer Window
      • Wireless Network Connection is Unstable on a Mac
      • Cannot Print Over a Network
      • Cannot Scan Over a Network
    • Solving Copying Problems
      • Printer makes noise, but nothing copies
      • Printer makes noise when it sits for a while
    • Solving Paper Problems
      • Paper Feeding Problems
      • Paper Jam Problems Inside the Product
      • Paper Jam Problems in the Rear Cover
      • Paper Ejection Problems
    • Solving Problems Printing from a Computer
      • Nothing Prints
      • Product Icon Does Not Appear in Windows Taskbar
      • Printing is Slow
    • Solving Page Layout and Content Problems
      • Inverted Image
      • Too Many Copies Print
      • Blank Pages Print
      • Incorrect Margins on Printout
      • Border Appears on Borderless Prints
      • Incorrect Characters Print
      • Incorrect Image Size or Position
      • Slanted Printout
    • Solving Print Quality Problems
      • White or Dark Lines in Printout
      • Blurry or Smeared Printout
      • Faint Printout or Printout Has Gaps
      • Grainy Printout
      • Incorrect Colors
    • Solving Scanning Problems
      • Scanning Software Does Not Operate Correctly
      • Cannot Start Epson Scan 2
    • Solving Scanned Image Quality Problems
      • Image Consists of a Few Dots Only
      • Line of Dots Appears in All Scanned Images
      • Straight Lines in an Image Appear Crooked
      • Image is Distorted or Blurry
      • Image Colors are Patchy at the Edges
      • Image is Too Dark
      • Back of Original Image Appears in Scanned Image
      • Ripple Patterns Appear in an Image
      • Scanned Image Colors Do Not Match Original Colors
      • Scanned Image Edges are Cropped
    • Solving Memory Card Problems
      • Memory Card Does Not Fit Into a Slot
      • Cannot View or Print Photos from a Memory Card or Device
      • Cannot Transfer Photos to or from a Memory Card or Device
    • Uninstall your Printer software
      • Uninstalling Printer software - Windows
      • Uninstalling Printer sSoftware - Mac
    • Where to Get Help
  14. Technical specifications
    • Windows System Requirements
    • Mac System Requirements
    • Paper Specifications
    • Printable Area Specifications
    • Scanning Specifications
    • Ink Specifications
    • Memory Card Specifications
    • Dimension Specifications
    • Electrical Specifications
    • Environmental Specifications
    • Interface Specifications
    • Network Interface Specifications
    • Safety and Approvals Specifications
  15. Notices
    • Important Safety Instructions
    • FCC Compliance Statement
    • Binding Arbitration and Class Waiver
    • Trademarks
    • Copyright Notice

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