Canon iX6820 Troubleshooting Guide PDF Download

 About Canon iX6820 Troubleshooting Guide

This guide describes about how to troubleshooting and fix problems with network communication, printing, printing quality, printer problem, installation problems, and error message descriptions

iX 6820 Troubleshooting Guide PDF

Download Canon iX6820 Troubleshooting Guide

Title : Canon iX6820 Troubleshooting Online Manual
File type : PDF
File size : 1.64 MB
Pages : 157 Pages
Language : English

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Table of Content

  1. Problems with network communication
    • Problems with the printer while using with network
      • The printer stopped working suddenly
      • Ink remaining level is not displayed on printer status monitor of the printer
      • Printing speed is slow
      • Cannot use the printer on replacing an access point or changing its settings
    • Cannot detect a printer on a network
      • Cannot detect the printer when setting up network communication
      • The printer cannot be detected in the wireless LAN
      • The printer cannot be detected in the wired LAN
    • Other problems with network
      • Forgot an access point name, SSID or a network key
      • The message is displayed on the computer screen during setup
      • The admin password set to the printer was forgotten
      • Checking information about the network
      • How to restore the printers network setting to the factory default
  2. Problem with Printing
    • Printing does not start
    • Paper jams
    • Paper does not feed properly/"No Paper" error occurs
    • Printing stops before it is completed
  3. Problem with printing Quality
    • Print results not satisfactory
      • Cannot print to end of job
      • no printing results
      • printing is blurred
      • Colors are wrong
      • White streaks
      • Line are misaligned
      • Line does not print or prints partially
      • Image does not print or prints partially
      • Printed paper curls or has ink blots
      • Paper is smudged
      • Printed surface is scratched
      • Back of the paper is smudged
      • Vertical lines are printed on the sides of the printout
      • Colors are uneven or streaked
    • Ink is not ejected
  4. Problems with the printer
    • The printer cannot be powered on
    • The printer turns off unintentionally
    • Cannot connect to computer with a USB cable properly
    • Cannot communicate with the printer with USB connection
    • Print head holder does not move to the position for replacing
    • Printer status monitor is not displayed
  5. Problems with installation/downloading
    • Cannot install the printer driver
    • Easy webprint Ex does not start up or does not appear
    • How to update printer driver in network environment
    • Uninstalling IJ Network tool
  6. About Errors/Message Displayed
    • If an Error occurs
    • A message is displayed
  7. Support Code List
You can reset Canon iX6820 printer using Canon Service Tool V5103

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