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 About Canon Pixma iX6820 User Manuals

This user guide describes about how to use the printer, printing with application software, printing setup, printing methods, changing print quality, overview of the printer driver, and how to update the printer driver

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Title : Canon iX6800 series Online Manual
File type : PDF
File size : 2.37 MB
Language : English
Pages : 141 Pages

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Canon Pixma iX6820 User Manual Table of Content

  • Printing
    • Printing from a Computer
      • Printing with aplication software that you are using (printer driver)
        • Printing with easy setup
          • Setting the media type with the printer driver
        • Various printing methods, How to
          • Setting a page size and orientation
          • Setting the number of copies and printing order
          • Setting the stapling margin
          • Execute borderless printing
          • Fit-to-page printing
          • Scaled printing
          • Page layout printing
          • Tiling/poster printing
          • Booklet printing
          • Duplex printing
          • Stamp/background printing
          • Registering a stamp
          • Registering image data to be used as a background
          • Setting up envelope printing
          • Printing on postcards
          • Displaying the print results before printing
          • Setting paper dimensions (custom size)
          • Editing the print document or reprinting from the print history
        • How to Changing the print quality and correcting image data
          • Setting the print quality level (custom)
          • Printing a color document in monochrome
          • Specifying color correction
          • Optimal photo printing of image data
          • Adjusting colors with the printer driver
          • Printing with ICC Profiles
          • Interpreting the ICC Profiles
          • Adjusting Color balance
          • Adjusting Color balance using sample patterns (printer driver)
          • Adjusting brightness
          • Adjusting intensity
          • Adjusting contrast
          • Adjusting Instensity/contrast using sample patterns (printer driver)
        • Overview of the printer driver
          • Canon IJ Printer driver
          • How to open the printer driver setup window
          • Canon IJ status monitor
          • Checking the ink status from your computer
          • Canon IJ preview
          • Deleting the undesired print job
          • Instructions for use (printer driver)
        • Printer driver description
          • Quick setup tab description
          • Main tab description
          • Page setup tab description
          • Maintenance tab description
          • Canon IJ preview description
          • Canon IJ XPS preview description
          • Canon IJ status monitor description
        • Updating the printer driver
          • Obtaining the latest printer driver
          • deleting the unnecessary printer driver
          • before installing the printer driver
          • installing the printer driver
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