3 Methods How to Print Photos From Mac OS

Did you know you can print photos directly from Mac? When looking to print photos right from your Mac desktop, look no further than the native Photos app. You can easily print any number of photos; however, you must know how to print photos from Mac computer.

The first macOS release to introduce the Photos app was Mac OS X 10.10.3, so we assume you have this or a later version to keep this article simple.

Make sure that the photos or the image file you want to print are already saved on your Mac.

Print Images From Photos App

Click on the Photos app displayed on the Dock or from the Applications folder. Search for the photo you want to print by scrolling down the window. If you are not able to locate it, import the file from any other location on Mac.

The chances are that the files you are looking to print are deleted accidentally from the Mac. If so, you must be wondering how to recover deleted files. An article published on setapp.com states that you can recover the deleted files from the Finder window itself.

After importing the photo to the Photos app, you can see it as a thumbnail. You may want to print multiple photos; if yes, you can print them all together. This will prevent you from repeating the process of printing each photo.

To select more than one image, click and hold down the left button on your mouse and drag the cursor over the thumbnails. Alternatively, press and hold down the Command key and then click each file you wish to select.

Once all the photos are selected, click on the File menu and select Print. Or, simply press the Command + P keys altogether. In the Print dialog box that appears, select the printer, the paper size, ink options, and print layouts.

To print multiple images on a single paper, click on the Paper Size menu and select Other. This is useful when you are looking to make a collage of pictures. Printing multiple photos on a single sheet of paper will save you money as well.

Print Multiple Images via Finder

The Finder is another potential option if you are looking to learn how to print photos from Mac without using a third-party app. Launch the Finder app by clicking on its icon in the Dock. A Finder window will appear; locate the image that you wish to print.

If you do not know the exact location of the image, search for different folders. You can find and share the image from the iPhone to Mac. Select the files you wish to print by holding down the Command key and clicking each file individually.

After selecting the files, click on the File menu and select the Print option. By selecting multiple files, you can command the printer to print them all at once. This way, you don’t have to repeat the process to print each file.

Print Images via the Print Queue

Users may know about the Photos app or the Finder window to print images, but Print Queue is something that is not very popular. Not many users know about the Print Queue option on their Mac computers.

You will see the Print Queue window after clicking the printer’s icon in the Dock. Make sure the printer is attached to the Mac via a wired connection or AirPrint. You can also delete printers connected to Mac. Printing your images via this option is simple.

When the Print Queue window is open, you can directly drag and drop photos from the Finder. To do this, select the image file in Finder, and drag and drop it into the Print Queue. Repeat the procedure for other photos that you wish to print.

The processing time that Print Queue takes depends on the connection speed between the printer and the computer. Another factor that impacts print speed is the number of files and the volume of individual images. The larger the image size, the longer it takes to print.

If you cannot see the printer icon displayed in the Dock, you can launch the Print Queue manually by navigating to System Preferences. Click on Printers & Scanners. Then click on the name of the printer you are using for printing the images and tap on Open Print Queue.

The Print Queue icon will appear on your Mac screen. If you want the Print Queue to display in the Dock, right-click the icon, click Options, and select Keep in Dock. Next time you want to open the window, you can click on the icon in the Dock.


So, these were some of the easy ways to print photos directly from Mac without using any third-party app. You can try any of these ways but make sure the images you want to print are stored on the computer.

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