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View or download HP Deskjet 2755e user manual for free at printkita.com. You can find detailed information about this printer including how to use, setup the printer, connecting the printer, maintaining printer, troubleshooting printer problems, and technical specification of the printer.

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Table of Content

  1. Printer parts
  2. Load media and paper basics
  3. Connect your printer
  4. Printer management tools
  5. How to Print
  6. Copy and scan
  7. Manage Cartridges
  8. Web Services
  9. Solve a problem
  10. HP EcoSolutions
  11. Technical information

1. Printer Parts

This section describes about printer overview, control panel features, control panel lights and display icons, and print reports from control panel

2. Load media and paper basics

This section tels you about how to load media, load original, change the default paper size detected by printer and paper basics

3. Connect your printer

Your printer supports the following connection types for printing: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, and USB. Use HP Smart software and a network connection to set up your printer and receive the HP+ offer. After setup, you can print using a USB cable connection or Wi-Fi Direct, if desired, but the printer must also still be connected to the Internet if you have enabled HP+.
Explain to you about requirement for HP+ printers, connect using the HP smart app, connect to a wireless network with or without a router, wireless settings, tips for setting up and using wireless printer, connect with a USB cable and how to change the connection type.

4. Printer management tools

This section contains the following topics: use the HP smart app to print, copy, scan and troubleshoot, open the HP printer software (Windows), Toolbox, embedded web server, sleep mode, quiet mode, auto-off features and how to update the printer.

5. How to Print

This printer is designed to work with the HP Smart app, a software application that makes it easy to print, scan, and manage your printer from a smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or other devices. You can print and manage the printer from all of your devices by installing the app on each device. The HP Smart app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Mac.
Read this section to learn more about printing with the HP Smart app as well as printing from within other software applications using the HP printer driver installed at setup. You will also find basic instructions for printing with Apple AirPrint on a Mac and printing from mobile devices using the print commands provided in the device software.
Be sure to check out the tips for successful printing to ensure you get the best results every time you print. Print using the HP Smart app, Print using a computer, Print from mobile devices, Tips for print success.

6. Copy and scan

You can scan documents, photos, and other paper types, and send them to a variety of destinations, such as a computer or an email recipient. When scanning documents with the HP printer software, you can scan to a format that can be searched and edited.
When scanning a borderless original, use the scanner glass and not the document feeder.
NOTE:Some scan functions are only available after you have installed the HP printer software.
This section describes to you about copy and scan using HP Smart, copy from the printer, scan using HP printer software, scan using Webscan and tips for copy and scan success.

7. Manage cartridges

This section contains information on cartridges and the printhead, how to check estimated ink levels, order ink supplies, replace cartridges, use single cartridge mode, cartridge warranty information and tips for working with cartridges

8. Web services

Explain to you about what are web services, set up web services and how to remove web services

9. Solve a problem

You can troubleshoot the printer error with 3 ways, Get help from the HP smart app, Get help in this user guide, or contact the HP support. 

Get help from the HP smart app

The HP Smart app provides alerts for printer issues (jams and other problems), links to help content, and options to contact support for additional assistance.

Get help in this guide

You can learn how to fix common issues in HP Deskjet 2755e printer including:
  • Jams and paper-feed issues
    • Clear paper jam
    • Learn how to avoid paper jam
    • Solve paper-feed problems
  • Cartridge issues
  • Printing issues
  • Network and connection issues
  • Printer hardware issues
  • Control panel error codes and status

10. HP EcoSolutions

HP is committed to helping you optimize your environmental footprint and empowering you to print responsibly—at home or in the office. office.
For more detailed information about environmental guidelines that HP follows during the manufacturing process, see Environmental stewardship program on page 108. For more information about HP's environmental initiatives, visit www.hp.com/ecosolutions.

11. Technical Information

The technical specifications and international regulatory information for the HP DeskJet 2755e series are provided in this section.
For additional specifications, specifications, specifications, see the printed documentation that came with the HP DeskJet 2755e series.
This section contains the following topics: HP Company notices, printer specifications, regulatory notices and Environmental stewardship program.

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