How to Fix Canon mx922 Support Code B200 Easy Step

Error code B200 on the Canon MX922 printer can be resolve in just view steps. Canon MX922 printer is a good printer and has a lot of features. But no one product was perfect. Sometimes you will get an error while using the printer, like error B200. It is one of the most troubles on this printer.

Canon MX922 Error Code B200

How to clear the B200 Support Code on the Canon mx922 printer? You can't use the printer until you got the solution to remove the B200 support code.

Then okay, we will explain the error B200. This error can typically happen because of various causes. Frequently it is because of the Canon MX922 printhead issues.

Sometimes, turning off the printer and then turn it on again can help in resolving the problem. Otherwise, you can do these guidelines to clear the Canon MX922 B200 error.

Check the Ink Cartridges and the Print Head

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Open the top cover, then open the ink case. Never touch the clear-film and the data cable(white belt).
  3. Then remove the rest of the ink cartridges from the holder.
  4. After all the ink cartridges removed, push and hold the Stop button while the cover is still open until the print head carriage stops moving. The monitor will show: "The print head holder has moved to the head replacement position" message.
    Printhead replacement Mode
  5. Open the inside cover and pull it down.
  6. Pull the holder tray to the front side of the printer. It is a little hard to pull, but the set lever will go forward as it pushes over the front corner.
    Pull out the printhead
  7. Use your fingertips to take the center of the printhead and pull out the printhead.
    Open the print head
  8. Now clean the ink cartridges very carefully and then do the same with the ink cartridges.
  9. Clean the contact pad of the print head too.
  10. Then install the print head and ink cartridges back to the printer.
  11. Close all cover then wait until the printer is silent.
  12. Turn off the printer, then unplug the power cable. Plug the power cable back to the power source. Then turn it on again.
  13. Test your printer by printing a document to see if the Canon MX922 Error B200 is clear.

If the error message still appears, maybe it is a faulty printhead or cartridges. Try to change with the new ink cartridges and or new printhead.

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If the B200 error still occurs, it can be the logic board is at fault. Try to replace the printer logic board. I can't guide you on how to replace the mainboard, because it's very complicated. Contact Canon technical support or bring your printer to Canon Service Center near you.

The guidelines above, is how to clear Canon MX922 Error B200 with very simple steps.

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