How to Fix Laser jet Printer Feed Blank Paper continuously

If your laser printer is continuously feeding blank sheets of paper, that it will just keep print out blank sheets without stopping, even when you restart the printer,  the problem is at the pickup solenoid. The solenoid controls for the paper pickup, if the solenoid has trouble, the gear of the paper pickup will continuously spin and never stop, so the paper will continuously get picked up and feed through. The pages are blank because there is no real print job being processed.

Laserjet Printer Paper Feed Problem

How to fix the Laser Printer Feed Blank Paper Continuously

You can fix the laser printer feed paper problem by yourself:
  1. Turn off your printer than unplug the power cable and USB cable from the printer
  2. Disassembly your toner cartridge from the printer
  3. Disassembly the back cover and side cover from the printer
  4. Unplug the solenoid cable and unscrew it
  5. Clean the solenoid from dust
  6. Or you can replace the solenoid with the new one.
  7. Plug the solenoid cable and screw it.
  8. Plug the power cable and USB cable to the printer
  9. Turn on your printer, do the test print.
This repairing guidance works on all laserjet printers, the difficulty of disassembly solenoid from laser printer may variants. 

That is how to fix the laserjet printer feed paper continuously
Do with your own risk Good luck

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