How to Get Printer Back Online - Printer in Offline Status

On this troubleshooting guide, we will try to fix offline printer due to connectivity issue, printer hardware and printer driver faults.
if your printer is on but the status on your computer is still offline. You can follow these steps:
  1. Go to Control Panel
    On Windows 10, you can search for devices and printers by entering ‘devices’ and click on the ‘Devices and Printers’. On Windows 8.1 or 8, press Windows Key with I ( WIN+I) or by using charm bar or else use these ways to reach control panel.
  2. Click on Device and Printer 
  3. You will be seeing the offline printer. Right-click on it and select See what printing.
    How to Fix Offline Printer
  4. You would be seeing the tick mark front of ‘Use Printer Offline’. Remove the tick and wait for a moment, printer will come to online and resume printing.
    printer is offline
  5. If the printer comes online and goes offline again, you can try step to fix offline printer bellow

Restart Spoiler Service

  1. Go to Services Administrative Tool, by press Windows Key + R, type services.msc then click OK
  2. Locate Print Spoiler then you can restart it now
Fix printer offline

If the print spooler keep stopping even after starting the print spooler then follow the steps below

Deleting printer driver

Deletting printer driver to get fresh printer software on your printer. this is the another way to fix printer is offline, lets go
  1. Go to Device and Printer 
  2. Locate the offline printer then click Remove device as below
    the printer is offline
  3. Reinstall printer Driver until finish
  4. Restart your Computer
This guide can be applied to all brand of printer.
Thats is simple guide how to fix an offline printer, good luck with your printer

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