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About WF-2860 User Guide

Epson WF-2860 User Manual or user guide free download. This document describes about the basic features of the printer, control panel settings, networking, copy, print, scan, faxing, how to replace ink cartridges and maintenance boxes, adjust print quality, solving problem and technical specifications.


Product Basics

Learn about the basic features of Epson WF-2860 printer
  • Using control panel
  • Product parts locations
  • Using power saving settings
  • Epson connect solutions for smartphonse, tablet and mobile devices
  • Using AirPrint
  • Using Google cloud print
  • Android printing
  • Using FireOS Printing
  • Windows 10 mobile printing
  • Epson print and scan app with windows tablets
  • Using the Mopria print service
  • Printing and scanning with NFC from your android device

WiFi or Wired Networking

Learn how to use the WF-2860 on a Wi-Fi or wired network
  • Network security recommendations
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure mode setup
  • Wi-Fi direct mode setup
  • Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS)
  • Printing a network status sheet
  • Changing or updating network connections

Loading Paper

Learn how to load paper for the type of printing you will do
  • Loading Paper in the Cassette
  • Paper Loading Capacity
  • Double-sided Printing Capacity
  • Available Epson Papers
  • Borderless Paper Type Compatibility
  • Paper or Media Type Settings - Printing Software
  • Selecting the Default Printer Settings

Placing Originals on the printer

Follow the instructions here to place your original documents or photos on the product. Caution: Do not place anything on top of your product or use its cover as a writing surface to avoid damaging it.
  • Placing originals on the Scanner glass
  • Placing originals on the scanner glass


How to copy documents or photos using WF-2860, copies may not be exactly the same size as your originals
  • Copying documents or photos
  • Copying options

Printing from a Computer

Before printing from your computer, make sure you have set up your product and installed its software as described on the Start Here sheet.
Note: If you have an Internet connection, it is a good idea to check for updates to your product software on Epson's support website. If you see a Software Update screen, select Enable automatic checking and click OK. The update scans your system to see if you have the latest product software. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Printing with Windows
  • Printing with the built-in Epson Driver - Windows 10 S
  • Printing on a Mac
  • Printing from a Chromebook
  • Cancelling printing using a product button


You can start scanning using one of these methods
  • Scan using the printer control panel
  • Scan using the Epson scan 2 icon
  • Scan from a scanning program
  • Scan from a Smart device / Mobile device


This product allows you to store names, telephone numbers, and fax data in its memory even when the power is turned off. Make sure you restore all of the default settings if you give away or dispose of the product. This will erase all of your network settings and fax data.
  • Connecting a Telephone or Answering Machine
  • Setting Up Fax Features
  • Setting Up Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Sending Faxes
  • Receiving Faxes
  • Checking Fax Status
  • Printing Fax Reports

Replacing Ink Cartridges and Maintenance Boxes

The maintenance box stores ink that gets flushed from the system during print head cleaning. When an ink cartridge is expended or the maintenance box is at the end of its service life, you need to replace it. You may also need to replace a cartridge that is more than six months old if your printouts do not look their best, even after cleaning and aligning the print head.
  • Check Cartridge and Maintenance Box Status
  • Purchase Epson Ink Cartridges and Maintenance Box
  • Removing and Installing Ink Cartridges
  • Printing with Black Ink and Expended Color Cartridges
  • Conserving Low Black Ink with Windows
  • Maintenance Box Replacement

Adjusting Print Quality

If your print quality declines, you may need to run a utility to clean or align the print head.
Note: If you are using your Epson product with the Windows 10 S operating system, you cannot use the software described in this section. You also cannot download and install any Epson product software from the Epson website for use with Windows 10 S; you must obtain software only from the Windows Store.
If running these utilities does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the ink cartridges.
  • Print Head Maintenance
  • Aligning the Print Head Using the Product Control Panel
  • Cleaning the Paper Guide
  • Viewing Product Status Information

Cleaning and Transporting Your Product

To keep your product working at its best, you should clean it several times a year.
Caution: Do not use a hard brush, alcohol, or paint thinner to clean the product or you may damage it.
Do not use oil or other lubricants inside the product or let water get inside it.
  • Cleaning Your Product
  • Cleaning the Paper Rollers
  • Cleaning the Print Head Path
  • Transporting Your Product

Solving Problems

Check these sections for solutions to problems you may have using your product.
  • Checking for Software Updates
  • Product Status Messages
  • Running a Product Check
  • Resetting Control Panel Defaults
  • Solving Setup Problems
  • Solving Network Problems
  • Solving Copying Problems
  • Solving Paper Problems
  • Solving Problems Printing from a Computer
  • Solving Page Layout and Content Problems
  • Solving Print Quality Problems
  • Solving Scanning Problems
  • Solving Scanned Image Quality Problems
  • Solving Faxing Problems
  • Uninstall Your Product Software
  • Where to Get Help

Technical Specifications

  • Windows System Requirements
  • Mac System Requirements
  • Paper Specifications
  • Printable Area Specifications
  • Scanning Specifications
  • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Specifications
  • Fax Specifications
  • Ink Cartridge Specifications
  • Dimension Specifications
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Environmental Specifications
  • Interface Specifications
  • Network Interface Specifications
  • Safety and Approvals Specifications

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