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About Canon Service Tool V4718

Canon printers come with two tools that may be used to maintain and repair the printer. The printer maintenance tool is known as the "Maintenance Tool," whereas the printer repair tool is known as the "Service Tool."

When you install the printer driver, the Maintenance Tool is also installed. Cleaning, Deep cleaning, Bottom plate cleaning, Roller cleaning, Print head alignment, Nozzle check, and more options are available through the Maintenance Tool's menu. To use the Maintenance Tool, go to START > Devices & Printers > right-click the printer > Printing settings > Maintenance tab.

After changing printer components such as the Logic Board Assy, Waste Ink Absorber, Print Head, and others, the Service Tool is needed to reset the printer. When fixing Canon printers, the component is changed, and the printer must be reset to adapt the new components inserted once they are installed.

Test print, EEPROM, Nozzle check, EEPROM Save, Set Destination, Clear ink counter, Ink absorber counter, and other menus are available through the Service Tool.

Download Canon Service tool V4718

Canon Service Tool V4718 is a tool that allows you to reset the counter of waste ink absorber and other functions.  This tool can use to fix error code 5B00 5B02 5B04 5B14 1701 1702 1700 on your printer. 

How to Use Canon Service Tool

  1. Make sure the printer is in Service Mode before using this program.
  2. Download Service Tool v.4718
  3. Extract file and open the Canon Service Tool V4718.exe
  4. Load paper to your printer
  5. Before resetting, print the EEPROM information for future reference. Wait for the printer to finish printing before proceeding.
  6. To clear Ink Counter, select MAIN, and then click SET. The value of the ink absorber counter is printed automatically once the Main ink absorber counter is reset.
  7. Set Destination, select your Region: ASA (Asia), AUS (Australia), BRA (Brazil), CHN (China), CND (Canada), EMB (Middle East), EUR (Europe), JPN (Japan), KOR (Korea), LTN (Latin), TWN (Taiwan ), USA (United States), and then click SET
  8. After resetting, print the EEPROM information once more. Wait for the printer to finish printing before proceeding.
  9. Compare the information in the EEPROM before and after the reset. Close Service Tool if everything works smoothly.
  10. Restart your printer, then your printer is ready to use.
The Canon Service Tool v.4718 is a tool for resetting printers after component replacement. There are four tabs in Service Tool v.4718: Main, Other, Auto, and Pro.

Download Canon Service Tool V4178

Before you open the tool, you need extractor program to extract this tool, you can install Winrar, Winzip or other application that can be used to extract RAR extension app.

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