Canon Pixma MG3620 Repair Manual and Resetter Download

Canon Pixma MG3620 resetter and user manual

About Canon Pixma MG3620

The Canon Pixma MG3620 first release on July 2015, with main features : Wireless All in One Color Printer. This printer has a simply Wi-Fi setup using Canon PRINT2 application. Combining four-color FINE ink Cartridge system for high quality photo printing and Pigment ink sharp text , Auto Power On/Off, Auto Two-sided Printing. High Resolution with 4800 x 1200 maximum color dpi produces high quality photo and detail.

This printer features complete with Auto scan mode, the printer automatically detects what is being scanned and applies the correct scan settings for you. 1200 x 2400 maximum optical color dpi scanning resolution produces great quality and detail

Specification Canon Pixma MG3620

  • Printing speed up to 44 seconds on 4 x 6 Borderless Photo, 9.9 ipm on Black:ESAT and 5.7 ipm on Color:ESAT
  • Printing resolution up to 4800 x 1200 dpi on color printing, and 600 x 600 dpi on black printing
  • Paper Sizes 4 x 6, 5 x 7, Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 Envelopes
  • Paper compatibility: plain paper, High resolution paper, photo paper pro platinum, photo paper glossy, semi-gloss, matte and envelope
  • Printer features: AirPrint, Auto Duplex Print, Auto Photo Fix II, Borderless printing, document printing, easy photoprint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, My image garden, photo printing, Canon Print App, Pixma cloud link, Red-eye correction, image cropping, quiet mode, special filter and wireless printing
  • Output tray capacity: 100 sheets plain paper or 20 sheets 4x6 photo paper
  • Copy speed FCOT(color) up to 22 seconds
  • Copy features: borderless copy, fit-to-page
  • Scanner type: Flatbed
  • Scanning element: Contact Image Sensor(CIS)
  • Max optical resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi
  • Scanner features: Auto Scan Mode, Network Scan, Wireless Scanning
  • Color depth: 48-bit input / 24-bit Output
  • Max Document Size: 8.5 x 11.7
  • Ink Compatibility: PG-240 Pigment Black Cartridge & CL-241 Color ink Cartridge

How to Maintenance Canon Pixma MG3620?

If Printing is not good result do Maintenance Procedure

if print results are blurred, colors are not printed correctly or print results are unsatisfactory, you can follow the maintenance guidelines below:
  1. Check if ink not empty on cartridge
  2. Print nozzle check pattern
  3. See the result of printing nozzle check pattern, if there are missing lines or horizontal white streaks in the pattern, do next step
  4. Clean the print head
  5. After cleaning print head, print and check the nozzle check pattern, if the problem is not resolved, do next step
  6. Deep cleaning print head
  7. After deep cleaning print head, print and check the nozzle check pattern, if the problem is not resolved, replace printer cartridge

Performing Maintenance Functions from your Windows Computer

  1. Cleaning the print heads
    allow you to clear up clogged print head nozzle
  2. Deep Cleaning
    Deep cleaning is more thorough than cleaning. Perform deep cleaning when two Cleaning attempts not resolve the print head problem
  3. Cleaning the paper feed rollers
    Perform feed roller cleaning when there are paper particles sticking to the paper feed rollers and paper is not feed properly
  4. Printhead Alignment
    If the print results appear uneven because of line shifts or other conditions, adjust the position of the print head. When you do print head adjustment, errors in the print head position are corrected and condition such as color and line streaking are improved

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma MG3620

You can find All troubleshooting method on User Manual Canon Pixma MG3620 that you can download bellow the post

Network Communication Problem on Canon Pixma MG3620

  • Cannot find printer on Network, check printer settings screen, network list screen and wireless LAN
  • Network connection problems, printer suddenly cannot be used, network key unknown, administrator password set for printer unknown, printer cannot be used after replacing wireless router or changing its settings
  • printing is slow, ink level not shown on printer status monitor

Problems while printing or scanning from mobile device

If you cannot print/scan from your mobile device it's possible that your mobile device can't communicate with the printer. check the cause of communication problems with your device

Printing problems on Canon Pixma MG3620

  1. Printing not start
    • make sure printer is plugin to power source and turn on
    • make sure printer is properly connected to computer
    • make sure paper output tray is open
    • If printing from Computer, delete unused print jobs
    • make sure Canon MG3620 series printer is selected in the print dialog box
    • set correct printer port
    • Is print data very large? click print options on page setup sheet of printer driver. then set prevention of print data loss to on in the dialog box
    • restart your device
  2. Paperjams
    When paper is jammed in the printer, the alarm led flashes and a troubleshooting is displayed on the computer screen automatically. Follow the instruction in the message.
  3. Print results are bad
  4. No ink comes out
  5. Paper does not feed properly/no paper error
  6. Automatic duplex printing problems
  7. Copying/printing stops
  8. Cannot print using AirPrint

Scanning Problems

  1. Scanner does not work
    • Make sure that printer is turn on
    • connect the USB cable to a different USB port on the Computer
    • Restart the computer
  2. Scanner driver does not start
    • Make sure that Driver is installed
    • select your scanner or printer on the application's menu
    • make sure the application supports TWAIN
    • Scan and save images with IJ Scan utility and open the files in your application
  3. Error message appears and scanner driver screen does not appear
  4. cannot scan multiple originals at one time
  5. cannot scan properly with auto scan
  6. slow scanning speed
    • Set output resolution to 150 dpi to view image on a monitor and 300 dpi to print the scanned data
    • Set fading correction, grain correction etc to None
    • in IJ Scan utility, deselect the correc slanted text document / Detect the orientation of text document and rotate image chcek box and scan agaain
  7. There is not enough memory message displayed
  8. computer stops operating during scanning
    • Restart the computer, reduce the output resolution in ScanGear (scanner driver) and scan again
    • Delete unnecessary files to obtain sufficient free hard disk space, then scan again.
    • In Folder to Save Temporary Files of IJ Scan Utility, specify a folder on a drive with sufficient free space
    • Multiple devices may be connected to USB ports
  9. scanner does not work after updating windows, reinstall the printer driver
  10. scanned image does not open

How to fix Support Code for Error?

  • Support code 1300, 1303: paper jammed at the paper output slot, remove the paper
  • Support code 1304: paper jammed during automatic duplex printing, remove the paper
  • Support code 1310: Size of paper may not be compatible with automatic duplex printing. The sizes of media suitable for auto duplex printing are A4 and Letter. Make sure paper of the correct size is loaded. Press Black or Color button to eject the paper and restart printing
  • Support code 1401: Cartridge is not installed, install the cartridge, if the error is not resolved, the cartridge may damage, replace new with new cartridge
  • Support code 1403, 1682, 1684: Cartridge cannot be recognized, replace the cartridge
  • Support code 1485: Appropriate ink cartridge is not installed, the ink cartridge is not compatible with this printer, install the correct cartridges
  • Support code 1486, 1487, 1687: Cartridge is not installed in correct position
  • Support code 1686, 1688: The ink may have run out. if you want to continue printing, press Stop button for at least 5 seconds
  • Support code 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 1712, 1713, 1714, 1715: Ink absorber is almost full, press Black or Color button to continue printing
  • Support code 2100, 2101: Paper size in print settings and size of loaded paper do not match.
  • Support code 2102: printer has detected that paper has been feed aligned to one side. Load the paper into the center of the front tray and slide the paper guides to align with the both edges of the paper stack. Press the printer's Black or Color button.
  • Support code 2103: Printer cannot detect paper size. Press the Stop button and try to print again.
  • Support code 2900: Scanning print head alignment sheet failed.
  • Support code 2901: Print head alignment pattern has been printed and printer is waiting to scan sheet.
  • Support code 3402, 3403, 3405: Printer could not make copies because its memory is full. Press Black or Color button, wait for a minutes and retry copying
  • Support code 3412: Scanning original has failed, press Black or color button, make sure that the original is palced on the platen glass and set in the correct position and orientation
  • Support code 4103: Cannot perform printing with current print settings, change the print setting and retry printing
  • Support code 5011 5012 5050: Printer error occurred, restart the printer
    • Solution 1: may ink cartridge holder cannot move, check any unknown object inside printer and remove it
    • Solution 2: Cleaning encoder strip
    • Solution 3: Replacing the scanner unit
  • Support code 5100: Ink carriage problems, remove unknown object inside on the printer then restart the printer
  • Support code 5200, 5400: Ink cartridge problems, do reset procedure to the printer otherwise replace the ink cartridge
  • Support code 5B02, 5B00, 5B03 5B04 5B12 5B13 5B14 5B15: Ink absorber is full, do reset procedure using Canon service tool
  • Support code 6000: Remove any obstacles Blocking the Printer Paper Feed & check to insure the paper feed try is Set Properly.
  • Support code 6500 6800 6801: logic board issue in the printer, replace the logic board
  • Support code 6900 6901 6902 6910 6911 6930 6931 6932: there is a problem with the wireless network adapter in the printer, reset printer network setting
  • Support code B200, B202, B203, B204, B205: there is problem with communication to print head, replace cartridge
if you have any other printer problems, please ask in the comment form

Download User Manual Canon MG3620 PDF

The main content of User manual Canon MG3600 about using the printer setup, explanation about printer functions, handling paper, originals, cartridges, Maintenance, printing, scanning, copying troubleshooting and list of support code for error.

Download Printer Driver Canon MG3620 fow Windows, MacOS, Linux

If you need to install or reinstall the printer driver or scanner driver you can download via link below
Download MP Driver Canon MG3620 for Linux

Download Canon Service Tool for Canon MG3620

Canon Service Tool or Canon Resetter Program that support canon Pixma MG3620 is Canon Service Tool V5103. You can fix many trouble error using this service tool

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