Canon MX922 User Manual for Troubleshooting Guide

About Canon MX922 Troubleshooting Guide

This user manual describes about how to troubleshooting Canon MX922 problems complete with how to identification the printer problems, step by step resolving problems with picture. you can download this manuals in PDF Format and search your printer problems here. 

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Title : Canon MX920 series Online Manual (Troubleshooting)
Language : English
Pages : 267 pages
Format : PDF
File Size : 1.23 MB

Download Canon MX922 User Manual

Table of Content Canon MX922 User Manual


  1. The printer cannot be power on
  2. Printing does not start
  3. Paper does not feed properly/"no paper" error occurs
  4. Print results not satisfactory
  5. Ink is not ejected
  6. Paper jams
  7. If an error occurs
  8. Problem sending faxes
  9. Problem receiving faxes
  10. Cannot print on the disc label

Search Each Function

  1. Problems with network communication
    • Problems with the machine while using with network
    • Cannot detect a machine on a network
    • Other problems with network
  2. Problems with printing
    • Printing does not start
    • Paper jams
    • Paper does not feed properly/"no paper" error occurs
    • Cannot print on the disc label
    • Cannot print properly with automatic duplex printing
    • Copying/printing stops before it is completed
    • Cannot print properly from a wireless communication device
  3. Problems with printing quality
    • Print results not satisfactory
    • Ink not ejected
  4. Problems with scanning
    • Problem with scanning
    • Scan results not satisfactory
    • Software problems
  5. Problems with faxing
    • Problems sending faxes
    • Problems receiving faxes
    • Cannot send a fax clearly
    • Telephone problems
  6. Problems with the machine
    • The machine cannot be powered on
    • Cannot connect to computer with a USB cable properly
    • Cannot communicate with the machine with USB Connection
    • LCD cannot be seen at all
    • An unintended language is displayed on the LCD
    • Print head holder does not move to the position for replacing
    • Printer status monitor is not displayed
    • If the output tray extension comes off
    • Problems with Bluetooth communication
  7. Problem with installation or downloading
    • Cannot install the printer drivers (MP Drivers)
    • Easy-webprint ex does not start up or menu does not appear
    • How to update printer driver in network environment
    • Uninstalling IJ Network tool
  8. About errors/messages displayed
    • If an Error Occurs
    • A message for faxing is displayed on the LCD
    • A message is displayed
    • Error message appears on a Picbridge compliatn device
  9. If you cannot resolve the problem
    if you cannot resolve the problem with any of the workarounds in this user manual, please contact the seller of the printer or the service center
  10. Support Code list
    • Support code appears on the LCD and the Computer screen